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Shrimp Broth

Shrimp broth or shrimp juice are commonly used in Filipino Cuisine. They are typically used in making pansit palabok, luglog, bihon, ginisang munggo, lomi, ukoy  and the list goes on and on… I’m so curious and asked my Mom about the difference between shrimp cubes vs the homemade shrimp broth. She simply said “nothing can really beat the taste of homemade shrimp broth” well, yeah! She is absolutely right!  At first I am quite hesitant to make my own broth first of all I don’t like the procedure of making it, I find it very messy and I would rather use the cubes as easy as 1-2-3. Just chop the shrimp cube and toss it in a cup of boiling water and ta-da…. you have an instant shrimp broth! But the whole thing changed my mind when I ran out of shrimp cubes and it kinda put me on the situation that I have to make a choice, it’s either  change my menu for that day or to make it from scratch. Yes, I made it myself and it was easier than I thought, the taste is absolutely incredible! Mom knows best! 🙂

Here’s What You Need: 

15 pcs  large shrimps heads
1 cup water

Here’s How: 

Using a mortar and pestle pound the heads of the shrimps until all the juices comes out.

Add a cup of water and strain. Shrimp juice can be store in resealable plastic bag in  the freezer up to 3 months.



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Melon Juice (Cantaloupe Juice)

Here’s What You Need: 

1 medium sized cantaloupe, (melon)
10 cups cold water
1-1/4 cups white sugar
1 tsp. calamansi or lemon juice (optional)
ice cubes

Here’s How: 

Cut  the cantaloupe and scrape out the seeds and pulp into a fine strainer fitted on top of a medium-sized bowl.  Pour 2 cups of the cold water through the strainer while gently mashing the pulp and seeds with a spoon. Set aside.

Using a cantaloupe scraper, scrape the cantaloupe into a long noodle-like strips.

Transfer the cantaloupe meat into a large pitcher  and combine the remaining 8 cups of cold water, pulp juice, sugar, calamansi or lemon juice and chill. Serve with ice cubes.

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